Introducing The World’s Smallest High-Resolution LPR Camera: AutoVu SharpX

No More Compromises.

Before, you may have been forced to choose between size and reading performance when looking to invest in license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Today, there are no more compromises.

The AutoVu SharpX is like nothing you’ve ever seen. So small, you can mount it covertly inside your grill, or discretely underneath the light bar. So powerful, you can read thousand of plates per minute. So advanced, you will capture the details of a vehicle faster than you can blink; day or night.

See Why AutoVu SharpX Is Better.

Watch The AutoVu SharpX Video Presented by Chris Yigit, Senior Product Manager for AutoVu, to find out why no other LPR camera on the market compares.

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Choosing the right LPR technology often makes the difference between detecting a suspect vehicle, or just simply missing another plate. The AutoVu SharpX offers the highest read rates in the industry and a fully equipped vehicle is able to capture up to 5000 license plates per minute. The AutoVu SharpX license plate recognition camera also allows you to capture plates up to differential speeds of 160 MPH (258 km/h) and across three lanes of traffic!

With AutoVu SharpX’s superior LPR technology, you get more accurate plate reads every shift, more plate reads in bad weather, more plate reads at poor angles, and even more plate reads at high speeds.

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Why Genetec?

Our AutoVu LPR solution has helped countless law and parking enforcement agencies achieve more in their everyday tasks for over 10 years. Our system’s high capture rates, accuracy of plate reads and ease-of-use are all factors that have made AutoVu one of the leading LPR solutions on the market. Read more about our AutoVu LPR system for mobile law enforcement applications.

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